Divorce. In this day and age, most kids have been exposed to divorce. It can even be a shock to hear that a couple is still married. However, when a child finds out his or her parents are getting divorced, it can be devastating. Whether the child is younger or older, finding out that your parents are going to split can be very difficult to hear. How you handle the news is also very vital because if it’s not handled correctly, then your child can be very hurt to the point where he or she carries that pain well into adulthood.

As a divorce lawyer, we strive to make sure each divorce we handle is resolved to ensure the relationship between both parents is agreeable. Going through a divorce is difficult, but when you work with a divorce lawyer who wants to reach a peaceful resolution without negativity and toxicity, it can create a much more positive situation.

Ways To Ensure Your Child Understands The Situation

Once you and your spouse have decided to get divorced, you’ll need to tell your family. Whether your children are well into their 20s or they are below 10 years of age, you’ll need to make sure they understand the situation. You’ve probably seen TV shows, movies, or read books about telling your children, but it’s nothing like when you actually have to do it. These suggestions will help you determine how to best tell your child about these big life changes.

Choose The Timing

You’ve probably heard that timing is everything and that’s even truer when you tell your children about the divorce. It’s important that when you tell your child about getting divorced, you wait until it’s the best time. This means you should wait until you feel ready to discuss it, too. While there’s never a right time for these things, you don’t want to wait until the very last minute, telling them before bed, or right before school. Additionally, it’s important to wait to tell your child until the details are all worked out. This way you’ll be able to inform your child about what’s going on and provide answers to the questions they are asking.

Break The News Together

Breaking the news together will demonstrate that you and your partner will continue to parent the children together. A united front will show your children there are no hard feelings and that you’ll still parent as a team, even though you won’t be married anymore. It will also show your child that the family is not splitting up, but rather there are some changes that are taking place. It shows a mutual decision that even though you and your spouse are separating, you’ll still be a family.

Keep It Simple

Lastly, you’ll want to keep it simple for your children. When you keep it simple, your child will understand the big picture and not get confused. By focusing on the fact that you love your children and on what will happen next, your family will understand that even though you’re getting divorced and there will be changes, they will continue to see both of the parents. Keeping it simple will avoid any arguments as well as keep the topic light despite the heavy subject.

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