You’ve finally made the decision to divorce your spouse — now it’s time to find a divorce lawyer. Sure, you can search “divorce lawyer near me” and go with the first option that pops up, but that doesn’t mean that law firm will be the best for you and your particular case.

Read here to learn what to look for in and how to choose a divorce lawyer. If you’re in Tempe, then our law firm is the one for you. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack serves clients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and, of course, Tempe. We’re capable and confident that we can help you with filing for divorce, whether you have lots of assets to separate, need to negotiate child custody, or even if you want divorce mediation. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Ask For Recommendations

With how commonplace divorce is, it’s likely that you know a person or two who has been divorced in Arizona. Maybe they’re your coworker or your sister — whoever it is, go ahead and ask them for recommendations if they’re comfortable discussing it. Be sure to ask for specifics, though! Ask what they liked or disliked about their divorce lawyer or what they wish they had known going into the divorce process with a lawyer in Tempe.

Read Reviews

Even if you get recommendations in-person, it’s still wise to look up testimonials of a potential divorce lawyer. This can give you a more broad perspective of what the lawyer and their law firm are like. When filing for divorce, your lawyer will be there through it all and can be instrumental in your happiness with the outcome of your divorce. When reading reviews online, gauge how well the divorce lawyer listened to their previous clients and their concerns.

Check Experience

How long has the divorce lawyer been in practice? Do they have qualifications? How many cases have they worked on? The answers to these questions can be great indicators of how the divorce lawyer will do on your case. On top of this, it’s important to see if their experience lines up with what your specific case entails. For example, if child custody will be a part of your divorce case, then you’ll want a lawyer who is extremely qualified and experienced with child custody cases within divorce.

Meet In Person

You shouldn’t choose a divorce lawyer simply from your online searches and testimonials. There are a few different aspects to consider when meeting with a divorce lawyer in-person:

  • Meet with at least two or three – Don’t simply agree to work with the first divorce lawyer you meet. Meet with several so you can gauge differences and start to see what’s important to you.
  • Have a list of questions prepared – If you go in without questions, you’ll come out without answers. Have specific questions personalized to your case. Some divorce lawyers will offer a free initial consultation; this could be a great time to ask all of your questions.
  • See how you get along – You’re likely going to spend a decent amount of time with your divorce lawyer. If you don’t get along with them or trust them initially, then you certainly won’t when you’re discussing hard topics.

Evaluate Costs

Hopefully, costs won’t be a dealbreaker when you find the divorce lawyer who is perfect for you. However, it is important that you get a rough idea of how much a divorce lawyer in Tempe will cost. This will help you to plan for the impending costs. A consultation could help you get an idea of what your costs will look like. When you divorce, there are so many financial concerns — don’t add a costly lawyer you weren’t prepared for to the list.

Listen To Your Gut

And, finally, trust your intuition. Though you probably shouldn’t choose a divorce lawyer based solely on how you feel about someone — we highly recommend everything we’ve outlined in this list — your gut could be the deciding factor between two equally qualified divorce lawyers and law firms. Your intuition has gotten you this far in the divorce process; don’t give up on it now.

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