Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook, it seems we all have our vice when it comes to social media. While we may feel driven to post every last thing on social media — especially during the divorce process when we’re stressed — don’t! Your social media can affect your case in court.

Your divorce lawyer can give you more specifics, but these six rules we’ve outlined are ones to live by when it comes to divorce and social media. If you’re still looking for someone to represent you, then our divorce lawyer in Tempe can help. Contact The Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack today for a free initial consultation!

Don’t show off new purchases.

Showing off that brand new car, boat, or iPhone isn’t going to help your divorce, and any divorce lawyer will tell you so. This could give an unrealistic idea of your financial status to the court and could largely influence child support, alimony, and other financial considerations of divorce.

Don’t complain about your ex, your parental duties.

You might feel comfortable sharing your honest feelings on social media about how hard parenting will be once you’re single or how much your ex is bugging you — but both of these aspects could come back to bite you. Too much complaining will make the court wary of how well you’ll handle the changes.

Don’t delete posts.

Your social media posts are legal evidence for your case. From posts to pictures to messages, you could, technically, be destroying evidence when you delete anything on social media — even if you think it’s something rather innocuous. This could cause a lot of trouble down the road and make your case more difficult and stressful.

Do think before posting.

Could this hurt me in court? Do I really need to post this? Ask yourself these questions before you post anything online during the divorce process — even comments on others’ posts. Anything you post could be used in court, and often taken out of context by your ex’s divorce attorney to help their case.

Do update your privacy settings.

Take a hard look at your privacy settings and make sure they’re secure. However, you can’t trust your privacy settings to protect you endlessly. Perhaps, for example, you’ve blocked your ex and their lawyer and you’ve set your privacy to “only friends.” However, a mutual friend of your ex could still see your content!

Do follow positive, supportive people.

Social media can be a positive network of support in your life during the divorce process — use it that way! Interact with friends’ and family members’ posts in a positive way and follow people who help you to feel good about yourself and to feel optimistic. Look for accounts that support people going through divorce and see if they could help you feel better.

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