As you navigate through the divorce process, all of the options, requirements, and demands can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve thought about divorce mediation and wondered if it’s for you. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover some of the biggest pros and cons of divorce mediation so you can try to determine if it could be right for your divorce.

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Pros of Mediation

Perhaps your cousin or your brother-in-law used mediation for their divorce and the outcome was favorable — you’re wondering if you could have a positive experience with mediation as well. Mediation is a popular method for divorce in Tempe and throughout Arizona. Our divorce lawyer says these are some of the biggest benefits. Mediation is:

  • Informal – Everything is set to your schedule and pace. Neither you nor your spouse should feel pressured to make rushed decisions. This can be a huge benefit for you if you and your spouse have children or if the two of you are amicable enough for effective communication.
  • Voluntary – Both you and your spouse can choose a mediator together, and neither of you is required to do what the mediator suggests. You have a lot of power and autonomy when going through divorce mediation.
  • Inexpensive – You and your spouse split the cost of the mediator instead of each paying for an expensive attorney separately. On top of this, mediation generally can require fewer meetings and less time — meaning you pay for the mediator for a shorter amount of time.
  • A Time-Saver – If you and your spouse are on top of scheduling meetings and can come to agreements somewhat quickly, then you can avoid the timely court procedures and timeframes.

Cons of Mediation

All of these benefits considered, it’s important to note that mediation is not for everyone — even if it did work for your brother-in-law. The best divorce lawyers will let you know if mediation seems like a viable option for you. Here are some of the biggest cons we see to mediation:

  • No legal advice, not necessarily a fair outcome – A mediator does not provide legal advice. An attorney does. If you’re looking to get a totally fair outcome, a mediation may not guarantee that because you don’t have an attorney looking out for your success.
  • Not beneficial if both spouses don’t communicate well – Are you constantly arguing with your spouse? Can the two of you hardly be in the same room together? Mediation is most likely not for you, and you may end up hiring an attorney anyway.
  • A spouse could technically hide assets – Your spouse could hide assets to have a more beneficial outcome in the divorce — and you could never know if you don’t have an attorney looking out for you.

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