Divorce can have long-lasting negative effects on a child’s life if not handled appropriately. We don’t say this to stress you out even more about your upcoming divorce — we simply say this so you know how important it is for you to handle it correctly, right from the time your first tell your children you’re getting a divorce.

We’re willing to bet that you can remember where you were when big events in your life happened, such as when you maybe heard about your parents divorcing or when you heard about 9/11. Now, we’re not equating your divorce with 9/11. It’s simply to show that big events make an imprint in your mind, just as you telling your children about divorce will. It’s important to tell them in a healthy, non-damaging way. In today’s blog, we’ll provide six tips from our divorce lawyer for how to do so. If you need a divorce lawyer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe, then you can count on The Law Office of Ronald Kossack. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

Plan In Advance

Telling your children about your divorce right before gymnastics practice or at a time when your children are hungry or distracted isn’t ideal. Instead, plan where you’ll be when, along with what you plan to say.

Take Your Time

This isn’t a conversation to have in five minutes (unless that’s somehow better for your family). Instead, take your time and address your children’s concerns. Let them know that this conversation can always continue individually afterward.

Be As United As Possible

Chances are high that you and your partner aren’t getting along great, but it’s essential that you present as united a front as possible. Be responsible and mature in front of your children and save the arguments for later when you’re alone.

Don’t Place Blame

Many children will blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. It’s vital that you make it clear this isn’t their fault. However, it’s also good to not blame each other — your children shouldn’t hear about how one parent or the other doomed the marriage.

Don’t Go Into Details (Yet)

Now is not the time to discuss a parenting plan and joint custody — that hasn’t even been worked through with a divorce lawyer. Keep things as clear as possible while also not making any guarantees.

Have A Temporary Housing Plan

Before you tell your children about the upcoming divorce, it’s wise to establish whom they’ll live with for now. Remember, this may not be what the court agrees to — but it’s a good plan for immediately following the divorce talk.

Meet With A Divorce Lawyer In Tempe

Now that you’ve told your children, it’s time to meet with a divorce lawyer in Tempe. Here at The Law Office of Ronald Kossack, you can count on us to be professional, sensitive, and experienced. Ronald Kossack is an expert divorce lawyer who has worked on divorce cases since 1993. Contact us today for a free consultation.