When couples end up in family court due to problems in their relationship, their issues often spill over into the lives of their children. Some couples fight about the kids, including who will raise them or which parent is abusive. Court officials may have a tough time figuring out which person to believe and how to settle differences in the children’s best interests.

A parenting coordinator can be assigned by the court to evaluate the family situation to determine the best outcomes for everyone involved. This may involve the parents having a shared parenting agreement, or one parent having the kids more days than the other. How children should spend holidays and vacations must be decided. Child support issues may come into play. Tensions typically run high between the dissenting parents and perhaps include extended family. At such times the court is likely to appoint a parenting coordinator to sort out the facts and make recommendations to the judge or presiding official. Here are some of the issues a parenting coordinator may investigate.

Parental effectiveness

Both parents may be evaluated in terms of their ability to be good parents. Factors like financial stability, emotional maturity, and a serious approach to parenting will be considered. Someone with an illicit addiction may require treatment before being assigned custody or visitation rights. Other problems exhibited by either parent must be explored to see if they impact the children in detrimental ways.

Household security

If the parents are living in separate homes, both will be visited and inspected to ensure they are safe and secure for the children. A list of relevant criteria may be provided by the court. If the parents work, appropriate child care options should be in place either at the home or in a qualified day care or after-school facility.

Parenting plan

Depending on one or both parents’ ability to provide for the children, a parenting plan may be developed with the help of the parenting coordinator. The plan will set up a schedule for the children’s activities, along with a menu if nutrition is a concern, and medical care if necessary. The parents’ health will also be considered.


Both parents will need to show access to financial resources, like a job, that will help them care for the children’s needs. Child support may become an issue.

With help from a parenting coordinator, children’s well-being can be legally ensured. Contact us today to learn more.