Most everyone would agree children deserve support from both their parents. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen like that. Too many times after a break up, the children are left in a single parent home with little to no support from their father. While it can feel like there is no support for you, Arizona does have a program in place to help you get a child support order and enforce it.


The Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Division of Child Support Enforcement Program (DCSE) offers parents a whole range of services to help enforce their child support orders. It all begins with filling out the application. If you have custody of your child, and need help establishing paternity, a child support order, or need help enforcing an order, you are eligible for this program. You just need to fill out the application to get the ball rolling.


Next, it’s important to establish paternity of your children. If the other parent is cooperative, it’s as simple as filling out the form to acknowledge the child or children belong to him. If they are not cooperative, DCSE will generally refer your case to the Assistant Attorney General’s office for a court hearing. Once you have established paternity, the other parent will be notified that a child support order is being established. If they do not respond the court will establish a default order and set the child support amount. If they do respond, there may be a negotiation based on their income and responsibilities.


If you have your order, but your child’s parent is not paying the DCSE has means to force a payment. The DCSE has the authority to withhold earnings, seize assets, place a lien on properties, report the credit bureaus, or even revoke a professional license. They can even place them in contempt of court and have them arrested.


Hiring an experienced attorney can really be beneficial at all stages of this process. An attorney can help move the case along, and ensure you are given a fair amount of child support for your child. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we want to make sure your child is receiving the support they deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your child support matter with a Tempe child support lawyer, contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.