Every marriage begins with a prenuptial agreement of sorts. The word “prenuptial” simply means, “existing or occurring before marriage.” So when a couple gets married without taking time to sit down with an attorney to layout a legal prenup, in essence they agree to subject themselves to the confines of divorce law by default. Some misunderstand prenuptial agreements as being unromantic or unnecessary. Still others see the value in taking steps to protect one’s interests should divorce arise.   Here are a couple of ways a prenup could help you and your spouse.   Prenuptial Agreements Protect The Higher-Income Partner The truth is, people who have wealth have had to be careful with relationships in business and in their private lives. It can be difficult to discern whether “friends” are really friends and who is more interested in taking advantage of their money, power, or fame than pursuing an authentic bond. When a higher-income partner asks for a prenuptial agreement, it can be seen as an opportunity for his or her partner to break through natural safeguards for the benefit of the relationship.   Prenuptial agreements allow you to layout what would happen to assets that existed before marriage if the relationship should ever end differently than you both hoped it would.   Prenuptial Agreements Protect The Lower-Income Partner One of the more prevalent misconceptions about prenups is that they only help the higher-income partner, but this is not the case. A good prenup takes into account the needs and wishes of each partner. When the lower-income partner goes into a prenup, he or she should understand that it is an opportunity to make sure needs are met and interests are protected should the marriage ever end in divorce.   Prenuptial Agreements Clear The Way Prenups allows for discussion of important issues from a position of emotional health (ie. love) rather than during the emotionally traumatic time of separation or divorce (ie. love lost). Once those tough decisions are made with the help of an experienced Tempe prenuptial agreement attorney, the relational road is cleared because the safety of each partner is insured by legal agreement.   To speak with a skilled prenuptial agreement attorney here in the Tempe area, take a moment to contact Ronald L. Kossack online or call 480-345-2652 anytime.