Ron Kossack Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Kossack was a very professional, organized, dedicated, and caring lawyer. He was always on time and prepared for any of our meeting as well as all the court dates. He made sure to met all my needs in a timely manner. Ron was always in communication through out my case and answered any question or concerns. He was willing to explain my case in terms that I was able to understand. I really felt like he was there to support and gilded me through not only my divorces but continued through out my child support case. This has been an up hill battle with my ex/father of my child But Ron as been there every step of the way. He was able to get the judges to rule in our favor and I revived everything that we were asking for. I could not have found a better lawyer. I highly recommenced Ron Kossack as a Child custody, Child support, Divorce and Separation Lawyer. I was 100% fully satisfied with Ron and Ron Law Office Team.

Ra'Yana Nordick