1. Serving Divorce Petitions In Arizona

    One of the fundamental rules of law, in divorces or any other civil cases, is that the responding parties must always have notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard, which is why personal service is so important. However, personal service is not always possible, for various reasons. A…Read More

  2. Three Quick Reasons To Suspect Your Spouse Is Concealing Assets

    In many if not most divorces, the spouses are emotionally separated for months or even years before they physically separate and one of them files for divorce. These slow-fade divorces present ample opportunities for spouses to conceal financial assets from one another. A thorough discovery process …Read More

  3. Classifying Different Kinds Of Community Property: A Brief Primer

    In Arizona, all property acquired during the marriage, unless that property was a gift, is community property. Although the rule seems clear cut, there are many grey areas. For example, Wife might use funds from her paycheck (community property) to augment a retirement account she acquired before th…Read More

  4. Setting And Modifying Child Support In Arizona

    The Grand Canyon State is an income shares state. Lawmakers presumed that children of divorced parents should be entitled to the same standard of living they would have had if their parents remained married, which is why Arizona’s child support guidelines take both parents’ income into account f…Read More

  5. No-Fault Divorce And The Super Friends

    As anticipation starts to build for the upcoming Justice League movie, which may be more of a Super Friends movie according to some, many people wonder what happened to the cartoon versions of everyone’s favorite super heroes. Was it no-fault divorce that closed the Hall of Justice, a feat that al…Read More