1. How To Make And Break A Premarital Agreement In Arizona

    A growing number of marriages in Arizona are second or subsequent marriages, and these relationships often involve substantial property division issues, since both husband and wife have substantial assets and debts, and inheritance issues, due to the presence of stepchildren. Left unattended, these …Read More

  2. Some Differences Between Fault And No-Fault Divorces

    In 1969, California Governor Ronald Reagan, who had promised to “put welfare bums to work” during the gubernatorial campaign, signed one of the nation’s first no-fault divorce laws. Although at the time, no-fault divorce was a very progressive concept, almost all other states quickly followed …Read More

  3. The ABCs Of Mediation

    Prior to mediation, over 90 percent of divorce litigants believe that the procedure will be a complete waste of time because they reason that if they could have talked through their problems, they would not be involved in marriage dissolution litigation. Yet over 70 percent of the litigants who volu…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Temporary Hearings

    There is much wisdom in the old saying that “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” particularly in family law cases because most judges prefer to uphold the status quo, even if things are less than perfect. For example, in divorce child custody disputes, the parent who currently has custody nea…Read More

  5. Understanding Alimony In The Grand Canyon State

    In Arizona and most other states, there is considerable debate as to the nature of spousal support. Some people believe these payments should be limited, with the objective of helping the obligee (spouse receiving payments) to achieve economic self-sufficiency, while others see alimony as an importa…Read More