1. Child Custody and Timesharing Plans

    Few issues are more sensitive and potentially volatile in family law proceedings than matters impacting children. Whether you are unmarried or are going through a divorce, both you and the other parent have rights and responsibilities as parents, and in cases where custody is contested, it is the co…Read More

  2. Protecting Yourself Against Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence can occur between spouses or other family members. It may range from angry outbursts and controlling behavior to physical or sexual assaults, resulting in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries for victims. The courts take accusations of domestic violence seriously, and …Read More

  3. Guidelines For Marital Property Division In Divorce

    During any type of divorce proceeding, including where the couple involved is on amicable terms, conflicts can arise over the division of money, property, and debts. If they are unable to resolve the issue and reach a mutual agreement with the help of their attorneys, the family law judge presiding …Read More

  4. Enforcing Child Support Payments

    Parents have the legal duty to provide for their child. While you cannot force someone to be a part of your child’s life, you can get an order enforcing financial support. Whether you are divorced or a single parent, a child support order can ensure your child gets valuable benefits they may be en…Read More