1. Child Custody in Arizona

    Determining child custody after the dissolution of your marriage or the end of your relationship may be a main source of dispute. When ex-spouses or ex-partners cannot come to a harmonious parenting agreement on their own or through mediation, an Arizona court will step in and make the determination…Read More

  2. Child Support Modifications

    The final divorce decree that officially separates you from your spouse is not necessarily the end of a divorce. Depending on your circumstances, this can be either fortunate or unfortunate. Regardless, the flexibility in a divorce decree can impact you or your ex-spouse’s child support obligation…Read More

  3. I Was Served Divorce Papers. Now What?

    Even though a marriage has turned sour and started to unravel, it can still come as a shock when divorce papers are served. Getting an official document issued from the court with your name on it under the title, “Original Petition for Divorce” makes it a reality. Now what? Original Petition for…Read More

  4. What You Should Know About The AAML Child Centered Guidelines

    One of the most difficult aspects of a separation or divorce is deciding how to share responsibility and custody of the children. There is a commonly used phrase that courts use when making a ruling about custody; “the best interest of the child,” but what does it mean? If the parents cannot com…Read More

  5. If My Child Support Ends, Does My Spousal Support Increase?

    Child support and spousal support (sometimes referred to as alimony) have different purposes and are often awarded independently of each other. Child support typically ends when the child turns 18 or graduates high school (if he or she turned 18 before they graduated). This money is meant to be used…Read More