1. What is Supervised Visitation?

    When parents are divorced and a child visitation order is created by the courts, supervised visitation may be one of the stipulations for the noncustodial parent. Normally, supervised visitation requires the noncustodial parent to visit with their child on a set date at a specific time, while superv…Read More

  2. What Violates the Rights of a Parent to Visitation?

    In Phoenix family law, the rights of a noncustodial parent regarding visitation with their child are normally determined by family court and outlined in a child custody order. The courts try to reduce the emotional toll divorce can cause for children and parents by encouraging visitation with the no…Read More

  3. Can Your Custody Order Change Over Time?

    Many parents with custody orders have found that circumstances have changed over the years which require the custody order to be modified. As long as the two parents agree about modifications, the court order should be easily changed. However, there are cases when parents do not agree, and they deci…Read More

  4. How Would You Define Domestic Violence?

    It is difficult to determine how many domestic violence cases occur each year, as not all cases are reported. Additionally, surprisingly, the U.S. does not have an agency or organization that tracks domestic violence complaints and allegations. More importantly, the definition of domestic violence i…Read More