1. What To Expect at a Divorce Mediation

    Preparing for mediation in an attempt to resolve disputes with your spouse for a pending divorce can be stressful and overwhelming. You may have thoughts of a cold, uninviting room surrounding by your adversarial soon-to-be-ex-spouse and a bunch of lawyers. Do not fret. The mediation process can act…Read More

  2. Relocating After a Divorce

    A common issue divorcing spouses encounter with children is when one spouse plans to relocate to a different state and seeks to bring the child with them. This can result in contentious custody fights concerning visitation and child support. Courts are skeptical of relocation requests by a spouse un…Read More

  3. Child Support Payments From a Divorce

    A common concern raised by individuals going through a divorce is whether they will be ruined financially after marital assets are divided and support for your child and spouse are calculated. Under Arizona law, specifically A.R.S. 25-501(A), parents are legally obligated to provide "reasonable supp…Read More

  4. Common Questions About Prenuptial Agreements

    You have met the love of your life and are planning to get married. Along with wedding plans and contemplating your future together, a thought enters your mind – do I need a prenuptial agreement? That question can only be answered by you. Nevertheless, some important questions about these contract…Read More

  5. Do Not Struggle Alone

    The "Ask Amy" advice column in the Arizona Daily Star recently featured a sad, but quite common, situation that many spouses encounter. The spouse, an unhappy wife, explained her situation:   We have been married for eight years. After we were married, I bought a house (encouraged by him, he is a …Read More