1. Tempe Spousal Support and Maintenance Basics

    Commonly known across the country as alimony, spousal maintenance in Arizona often becomes an issue of contention between couples when the marriage ends. A determination of spousal support affects both parties’ finances in the immediate and distant future. Under Arizona law, a list of factors are …Read More

  2. Understanding Parenting Time in Your Glendale Divorce

    Every child deserves to have a meaningful, frequent and continuing relationship with his or her parent. For this reason, Arizona law affords parents a reasonable right to access to his or her children - commonly referred to as “parenting time.” While the goal is for parents to have the opportuni…Read More

  3. Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

    Each divorce is as different as the soon-to-be-ex-spouses involved. Going through the divorce process can be expensive and lengthy, not to mention stressful. The option of divorce mediation may be an alternative to a heated battle in court. In divorce mediation, the couple meets with a neutral third…Read More

  4. Understanding Child Custody in Arizona

    Since 2013, Arizona no longer uses the term “child custody” when referring to which parent is responsible for the care, control and maintenance of a child following a divorce. Instead, the legal term used to refer to child custody is “legal decision-making.” Consequently, Arizona courts dete…Read More

  5. Divorce Outside of the Courtroom – When Mediation is an Option

    Mediation can be a powerful method to resolve disputes between parties without involving the costs and delays of the court system. During this process, a trained mediator helps the parties come to a solution that is optimal for all, but not without compromises. While some divorces require court inte…Read More