1. Find a Local Divorce Support Group

    It’s no secret that going through a divorce is very difficult, and can be very traumatic. The process can be very lonely, and bring up some very difficult emotions. Many people experience the feelings of loss, anger, sadness, and hurt. While most people try and go through this by themselves, other…Read More

  2. How to Restore Your Name after Divorce

    It’s pretty common for someone who has changed their legal name for a marriage, after divorcing to want to change their name back. While the process may differ slightly in your local jurisdiction, it’s a pretty simple to request the divorce court judge to restore your name back to your maiden na…Read More

  3. Arizona’s Guide to Father’s Rights

    For years most courts have favored mother’s rights above the fathers when it comes to child custody. It would not be unusual for the court to automatically default the child’s custody to the mother with very little discussion. In Arizona a law put into place in January of 2013 has changed that m…Read More

  4. Joint Custody – Does it Work?

    Divorce is not a fun subject, nor is it easy for anyone involved. It’s difficult to go from living in one home together to discussing splitting your time with your children. This process can be a very emotional subject for both you and your spouse, and, of course, your kids. Courts will agree if p…Read More

  5. How to Get a Deadbeat Dad in Arizona to Pay Child Support?

    Most everyone would agree children deserve support from both their parents. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen like that. Too many times after a break up, the children are left in a single parent home with little to no support from their father. While it can feel like there is no support for y…Read More