1. When Grandparents Adopt Grandchildren

    More and more often we see grandparents petitioning the courts for visitation rights to their grandchildren. Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, a grandparent may be granted their petitions, especially if there are certain circumstances such as the death of one or both of the parents, parent o…Read More

  2. Who is Responsible for Mortgage Payments during Separation?

    A separation is a tool utilized by couples who are not sure about where their relationship is heading. The relationship may need a pause, in order for the couple to determine if they will work out their issues or proceed with a divorce. A separation however, is not permanent, whereas a divorce is th…Read More

  3. How Do I Change My Name in a Divorce?

    Many people who marry take their partner’s surname. Most often the wife takes the husband’s name, but there are occasions where a husband will take the wife’s or a same sex couple will decide that one partner will assume the other partner’s name. When a couple divorces, the party that assume…Read More

  4. Should I represent myself (pro se representation) in a divorce?

    When facing a divorce, emotions can run high, and many questions can surface without a lot of time to answer them. One of these questions may be “Should I represent myself in a divorce?” There are many considerations with Pro Se representation, and we will try to cover some of them as well as wh…Read More

  5. Joint Custody – Does it Work?

    Divorce is not a fun subject, nor is it easy for anyone involved. It’s difficult to go from living in one home together to discussing splitting your time with your children. This process can be a very emotional subject for both you and your spouse, and, of course, your kids. Courts will agree if p…Read More

  6. Intellectual property and prenuptial agreements

    Intellectual property is a term referring to products, ideas, artistic works, trade secrets trademarks, logos, etc. that are the product of one’s intellect or creation. This also covers music, literature, photography, discoveries, inventions, and even phrases and symbols. Intellectual Property as …Read More