1. Child Support Trends and Statistics in Arizona

    There are very specific child support guidelines in the state of Arizona that courts follow when determining the amount of child support that the supporting parent will pay. With the change of demographics in the workforce the trends and statistics surrounding those numbers are changing. Who is the …Read More

  2. Child Custody Interference

    Custodial Interference Generally, custodial interference occurs when someone tries to disrupt the custodial rights of a parent. While it doesn’t always involve one parent against another (Grandparents or new spouses can sometimes interfere), it is most often the case. Child custody is one of the t…Read More

  3. How Social Media Can Be Used as Evidence in Child Custody Battles

    Social media is to this generation what the .com boom was to the last. It is an ever changing, adapting, growing, and profit building enterprise that many cannot go a day without using. As one woman found out during a child custody dispute during her divorce, it is also something that can be used as…Read More

  4. Forensic Accountants in Divorce Cases

    Aside from child custody issues, financial issues are the most hotly disputed between divorcing couples. Financial aspects of marital disputes are often complex and require unique skills and knowledge. Attorneys will often rely on the expertise of accountants to assist with general financial issues …Read More

  5. Difference between Mediation & Arbitration

    Are you wondering about the difference between mediation & arbitration? There are pros and cons to each of these methods depending on your situation and while they are similar, they have some distinct differences. The primary difference between mediation and arbitration is simple: Arbitrators ha…Read More