1. Tips To Resolve Issues During Mediation

    If you are involved in a legal proceeding that requires you to go to mediation, there are several things that you should understand about this process. Mediation is often a solution that companies use during insurance and contract disputes. Mediation is also common in divorce and family court matter…Read More

  2. Customizing Your Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona

    You’re planning your walk down the aisle, and you hear your future spouse say the words, “prenuptial agreement.” For some, a prenuptial agreement is the beginning of the end, but don’t let people convince you that by signing a prenuptial agreement, you’re setting your marriage up to fail.…Read More

  3. What to Say and What Not to Say to Kids During Your Divorce

    Children can go through difficult times when their parents divorce. Often, the words and discussions they hear don't quite make sense and that can be overwhelming. Some children may feel responsible for parental splits while others may be angry and some will try to get parents to stay together or g…Read More

  4. Kids and Divorce

    Divorce affects millions of people every year. Many of those who divorce have children in the picture that must be thought of and taken care of during the process and beyond. One of the most traumatic experiences a child can go through is to see their parents fall out of love and divorce. It i…Read More

  5. What is a Property Liens for Unpaid Child Support?

    Failure to pay child support in Arizona is a serious moral and legal issue. State law empowers the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) with enforcement authority. There are a variety of remedies that DCSS can take to collect back child support, including the placement of property liens. DCSS m…Read More

  6. The Alimony Recapture Rule

    A divorce can have many tax consequences for both parties involved. The spouse that feels the financial burden of the divorce is the highest earning party. In the event that the earning spouse is ordered to pay alimony to the other spouse, there will be tax implications for both parties. The alimony…Read More

  7. Prenuptial Agreements

    Engaged couples planning to wed in Arizona should consider how individual assets brought to the union will be handled if divorce or spousal death separate them. Prenuptial agreements are a practical means to ensure protection of either spouse’s individual property in the state of Arizona. A prenup…Read More