1. Paternity Suits

    In some instances that involve the question of who is a child's biological father, a paternity suit may be filed to not only establish this fact, but also pave the way for a child's mother to collect child support payments. In Arizona, many family attorneys focus on making sure dads rights are prote…Read More

  2. Parenting Plans: A Gift of Stability

    "What will happen now that my parents are in different houses?" "Where will I go to school?" "Where will I spend holidays?" These are common questions children may have once they know about a divorce. Even if they don't voice these concerns, they may be thinking these thoughts. A parenting plan prep…Read More

  3. What Qualifies as Income when Deciding Child Support?

    When it comes to child support, it's all about ensuring that the child is going to be well taken care of and provided for each day. If you are the one who is going to be paying child support, you probably already know that the amount you're supposed to pay is going to be according to the salary that…Read More