1. The best ways to keep your divorce from going to court

    Going through a divorce is, at best, an intimidating process for most of us, as there is widespread uncertainty and doubt. Many people still believe that divorce equals court, but if you want to stay out of court, you may wish to consider divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. Court should be…Read More

  2. When should Child Custody Modifications be Considered?

    Divorcing couples today often establish a shared parenting agreement that indicates the amount of time each parent will spend with the child, along with describing the conditions that will pertain to the child. These often include factors like how much time, and on which days of the week, the child …Read More

  3. Purpose of a Separation or Marital Settlement Agreement

    When a married couple cannot get along and agree to live separately, it is best for them to have a legal separation agreement or a settlement agreement. This document spells out a resolution for sharing their household and personal belongings in a fair, objective manner. Assisted by an attorney, the…Read More

  4. Why Parenting Plans are Important

    There are many changes that children face in their lives when their parent’s divorce, and these types of changes have the potential to be very damaging. Parents are responsible for the care of their children, and divorce does not lessen this responsibility. In fact, a divorce may increase those re…Read More

  5. What type of divorce lawyer do you need?

    Getting divorced is never easy, but a good divorce attorney can make the process easier. Since divorce laws can vary by state, along with each couple's circumstances, it is best to keep a few factors in mind when looking for a competent attorney to handle your proceedings. The following issues may p…Read More

  6. Real People Need Prenuptial Agreements

    A prenuptial agreement is a contractual agreement between prospective marital partners. A prenuptial agreement is typically used to prepare for what occurs if the couple decides to divorce or separate in the future. Prenuptial agreements cover a wide array of circumstances or issues. According to th…Read More

  7. The Principles of Divorce Mediation

    A divorce can be a difficult experience under any circumstances, but one carried out on an adversarial basis can be particularly traumatic. Divorce mediation is an alternative for couples trying to maintain control of the issues related to their separation. Many lawyers and law firms provide divorce…Read More

  8. Our child needs physical therapy, but my ex won’t help pay for it

    If your child needs physical therapy but your ex refuses to pay for it, you should first look at is the divorce decree as well as any subsequent orders regarding visitation and support issued after the initial order. Previous orders will state what your ex is obligated to pay. Usually this is half o…Read More

  9. How Does the Court Decide Who Gets Child Custody in Arizona?

    Divorce is a challenging situation for parents and children. Not only do the divorcing spouses have to determine the manner in which property is split, they also have to determine the custody arrangement for their children. In many jurisdictions including Arizona, the family court system strives to …Read More