1. I got demoted at work, can I change my child support?

    There are many things that can occur in your life to cause you to lose income. Life is unpredictable, and it can cause you problems when lose income. If you get a demotion at work, it can cause you a loss in pay. If this happens, you may struggle to be able to meet all of your financial obligations.…Read More

  2. How Quick Can I Get a Divorce if There are no Children Involved?

    While everyone may hope that their divorce ends as amicably and quickly as possible, this is not always the case. There are countless issues that can pop up during a divorce that may result in a hearing before a judge if mediation is no longer possible. For those that are preparing for this major un…Read More

  3. Cost Savings of Mediation vs Divorce

    There are many benefits to divorce mediation, rather than divorce litigation. First, divorce mediation prevents the family from being separated while going through the divorce. Divorce mediation was designed as an adversarial process. Each party can decide whether to hire an attorney or engage in th…Read More