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    Why Family Law Experience Matters

    If you are having mechanical issues with your car, you do not call your doctor. If your sink is stopped up, you do not call your accountant. The same logic applies when seeking representation for your divorce.  Your Tempe divorce lawyer should be experienced in family law. Here are some important reasons why actual family law experience is critical.

    Recognizing Fact Patterns and Predicting Possible Outcomes

    Every case is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, experienced divorce attorneys are capable of deducing potential outcomes based on the facts provided to them by their client. For example, if you retain a lawyer who has handled hundreds of prenuptial agreement disputes, they can probably give you guidance on the strong points and weak points of your case based upon handling those prior disputes.

    An understanding of your potential outcomes can be helpful when trying to decide what direction you want to take your case. For example, if your soon-to-be-ex-spouse produces a proposed settlement agreement, an experienced divorce attorney can advise you whether it makes sense to go forward with the agreement or prepare for trial.

    Arizona Family Law is Complex

    Your Tempe divorce lawyer needs to have a strong grasp of the relevant Arizona Revised Statutes, common law, and legal precedents specific to Arizona. Family laws are overseen by each state, so there is no one uniform set of rules and regulations. Furthermore, the Arizona legislature often makes modifications, or even outright removes, portions of state statutes. Your divorce lawyer should be up to date on these statutory changes so they can best represent you. This is why it makes sense to retain an attorney who devotes their practice to family law rather than handling an array of different legal issues (e.g., tax law, criminal law, personal injury law, etc.).

    Your Future and the Well-Being of Your Children is Extremely Important

    Family law is unique in that the decisions can literally have life-long impact. This is different from other cases where there may be a dispute that gets resolved in court and the parties move on with their lives. For example, the decision concerning custody (now known as parenting time) will have ramifications for years down the road.

    When a court is analyzing the issue of parenting time, the best interest of your child is the established standard by which decisions are made. An experienced Tempe family law lawyer will know what information is important to present to the judge and will also know how best to present that information in court to benefit you and your child.

    Contact an Experienced Tempe Family Lawyer Today

    Attorney Ronald L. Kossack has been handling family law cases for over two decades. He has represented close to two thousand clients and has served as the lead attorney on more than 850 trials. Mr. Kossack is a skilled litigator who has a strong presence in the courtroom. Contact his office today by calling 480-345-2652.