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    Showing Which Parent Can Give the Child a Better Life

    Dealing with divorce is difficult for everyone involved, and the same holds true for any children in the marriage. Parents themselves fear that they might lose custody of their little ones. However, working with a family attorney can help you to understand why you have a great chance of success and why you are the better fit for the child’s life.

    Financial Stability

    When it comes to providing for children, you know that you need to have an income. Maintaining a job and have the ability to financially provide for your children is of extreme importance. While your ex-spouse may very well have to pay child support or other types of financial reparations, you will likely end up paying for the little odds and ends in your children’s lives. Of course, financial security is not the only component that matters when it comes to where the children will live.

    Free of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

    Couples divorce for a wide variety of reasons, but some of them do because one of the members has trouble with drug or alcohol abuse. Being upfront and honest about the other person’s addiction problems is extremely important. Not only do you want to secure custody of your children, but you want to make sure that the other person does not. Drug and alcohol abuse around children is extremely dangerous because it could lead to other forms of abuse or potentially fatal situations, such as placing a child in a car when the driver is intoxicated.

    The Child’s Say and Well-Being

    Working with a family attorney means that you need to ask plenty of questions, and you should find out what your child’s role is in determining where he or she is going to live. This element can depend upon a vast array of factors. The child’s age, for example, may come heavily into play here. If your ex-spouse has any history of child abuse, that must be accounted for. Creating a safe space for your child to live is the goal of the court system, and you need to let the world of law know about any issues that could interfere with that goal. Providing a better life for your child is your main focus right now, but you need to ensure that the legal universe is on your side. Consider the characteristics that make you the more attractive parent than the other person in the past relationship. Contact our firm today to learn more.