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    Phoenix Paternity Attorney

    Paternity law is used to determine the biological father and mother of a child in order to make important decisions regarding child decision making (custody), parenting time and child support. In order to establish parental rights and impose parental obligations on an individual you need an experienced attorney to pursue your case in court.

    Assisting Tempe Residents With Family Law Matters

    At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we assist residents of Tempe, Arizona, and surrounding areas with all types of family law matters including child decision making (custody), child support and paternity. We will help you arrange a paternity test if necessary and assist you with the legal implications resulting from that test. To speak with a lawyer contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.

    Whether you are the mother seeking child support from your child’s father, or a man who is being requested to pay child support or take responsibility for a child who you don’t believe is yours, we will represent you. Under Arizona paternity law, a child born during a marriage is presumed to be the offspring of the husband and wife. If you or your spouse claims that the child was conceived by someone outside the marriage, a paternity action will require a paternity test be taken in order to prove paternity.

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    When a child is born while the biological mother is not married, paternity becomes an even bigger factor. In such cases, after paternity is determined, the court will award decision making authority, parenting time or order child support based on the results. Paternity tests given to individuals who may have fathered the child can be conducted voluntarily or by court order. To schedule a free initial consultation to speak with a Tempe paternity lawyer  contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.