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    Phoenix Family Law Attorney

    If you are facing a family law issue, it’s important that you have an attorney on your side you can trust. An experienced attorney who will work to protect your rights can make the difference between a positive or negative result in your case. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we assist Arizona residents in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and surrounding areas with legal issues including  divorce, paternitychild custody, decision-making, child support, and modifications. To speak with a Phoenix divorce lawyer about your legal matter, contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.

    We Won’t Waste Your Money

    We understand that this may be one of the most difficult times in your life, and that’s why we take care of the details of your case so that you don’t have to worry. We won’t waste your money or your time. Instead, we work to settle cases outside of the courtroom by coming to an agreement on major issues so that you can avoid the expense of costly litigation fees. When litigation cannot be avoided, we have the experience to aggressively fight for the best result possible in your case.

    Attorney Ronald L. Kossack has been handling family law cases since 1993. Since that time, he has represented close to 2,000 clients and has served as the lead attorney on more than 850 trials. Mr. Kossack is a master litigator who has a strong presence in the courtroom. He will provide aggressive representation, when necessary while fighting to protect your rights.

    Contact a Tempe Family Lawyer Today

    Whether you are able to settle outside of court, or if your case requires litigation, we will work to resolve your family law dispute as quickly as possible and provide you with the best solutions to your pressing legal concerns. To speak with a Tempe family lawyer about your legal matter, contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.